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How to JAZZ Up Your Holidays!

Want to Jazz Up Your Holidays?

Food, drinks, decorations, lighting, plates and napkins… so much to remember before a holiday get together, but the success of your event might actually be determined by what your guests listen to, so whatever you do, don’t forget the music! Whether you come to our show at Carnegie Hall, or a dinner at my home, I want you to have a great time, so snoozy sounds are not allowed. Holiday tunes can drag down any event, because there are too many slower songs like White Christmas or Silent Night, that can put your party guests to sleep. At my home in December, I curate a mix of albums so it’s not all Holiday on the playlist. For Christmas tunes, Michael Buble’s Christmas, Norah Jones I Dream of Christmas, and Christmas Party by She & Him are good choices, and I bet Gregory Porter’s Christmas Wish is good too. Of course, I’ll add our upbeat new album, Coincidental Moment, (currently #1 on Amazon New Releases, also available on Apple Music), along with jazz classics like The Best of Bille Holiday and Diana Krall Live in Paris, to give an upbeat mix of energy. If you have a good local radio station, they will no doubt have a good mix of music to tune into. I don’t  recommend any pre-programmed playlists available on streaming services though - I’ve noticed they can sound like elevator music for a party, but you can use streaming services to curate your own playlist or use CDs if you still have those. Curating your own tunes takes a bit of time, but has a big impact on everyone - because everyone likes good music!

Still looking for Holiday gifts? Check out the Malibu Times gift ideas…….     

or maybe consider concert tickets to one of our shows:

3/6/24  7:30pm, at Raitt Recital Hall Pepperdine University, Malibu CA

3/7/24 7:00 & 8:30pm, SF Jazz San Francisco, CA 

3/12/24 6:30pm, The Jazz Showcase Chicago, IL

3/13/24 7:30pm, Weinberg Center for the Arts Frederick MD 

3/14//24 8pm, Weill Hall at Carnegie Hall NYC, NY

3/15/24 7:30pm Jazz Upstairs at Miller Symphony Hall, Allentown PA

For any holiday get together, you can’t go wrong with a fab dessert from Milk Bar! 

If you have a couple minutes, please watch the new videos from Coincidental Moment, called Jagged Lil’ Blues as well as a video we just posted, Everyday Anthem

Wishing you a great day and a wonderful Holiday Season!

Take Care,


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