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Happy New Year and Happy New Tunes!

Hi There,

Here we are well into the New Year!  I had beautiful weather on my birthday January 5th, which was a great start to the 2024, and our album, Coincidental Moment has been doing well on Amazon too. Now that holiday music is done, our album is being played around the world on streaming services and has just debuted on the JazzWeek radio chart - YIPPEE!  So that’s a pretty good January for me so far. 

When an artist is composing or recording they really have no idea if their music will be well received or not.  The music being played this month,  I was composing at this time last year.  Even working fairly quickly like I do, it’s a full year before I get any feed back on my new creations.  So it’s a great feeling to be supported (sigh of relief!), and we are all very appreciative of this support at jazz radio, at streaming services, and with fans and followers everywhere. 

January is also the beginning of what I have dubbed my Composing Season: I’ve got a stack of little “embryos” as I call them - sheet music with a half a page of notated ideas, that I will nurture into new compositions in the following months. I’m not very far along with them, but I can say that there are some fun and interesting tunes patiently waiting for me to get to them, and I can hardly wait!  If things go well, we’ll record them in August for whatever the next album will be.  I love composing and look forward to this time. 

For the most part though, I have been focused on preparation for our upcoming tour ,and I have noticed that I'm euphoric about performing for everyone!  Just really excited and happy to play with such an awesome band and get out and meet everyone.  I believe our shows will be beautiful, uplifting, exciting and will touch people to their core.  Now is a great time to make your plans, and to choose the better seats too.  Remember if you want to see the keyboard - seats on the left side of the theater are better, but if you’re a fan of our drummer Rudy Royston, then the right side of the theater is perfect.  Bassist Luques Curtis and trumpeter Igmar Thomas will be center stage.  (I think you can get student tickets at some shows, so you might consider bringing someone who is studying music too).  

I hope January is going well for you too despite the wacky weather all around.

Hope to see you soon!


3/6/24  7:30pm, at Raitt Recital Hall Pepperdine University, Malibu CA


3/7/24 7:00 & 8:30pm, SF Jazz San Francisco, CA 


3/12/24 7:00pm, Jazz Showcase Chicago, IL


3/13/24 7:30pm, Weinberg Center for the Arts Frederick MD 


3/14//24 8pm, Weill Hall at Carnegie Hall NYC, NY


3/15/24 7:30pm Jazz Upstairs at Miller Symphony Hall, Allentown PA

Thank you for your kind words:

#1Amazon New Release

#10 Best Selling Cool Jazz Albums

WXPN Favorite Album of the Year

Ten Albums You Should Know – Jazziz Magazine December 2023

Reviews for Coincidental Moment featuring Lisa Hilton, Igmar Thomas, Luques Curtis & Rudy Royston


“Coincidental Moment is stunning, stellar, extraordinary and unique. Flat out incredible sound, tastefully, artfully and brilliantly done.” KVNF Radio


“We find ourselves privileged to listen to Hilton’s music… her innate sense of blues and structure is undeniable.”  All About Jazz 


“Laced throughout with rich blue tones augmented by modal flights.. Showcasing Hilton’s expressive touch on the piano, the album also spotlights her chemistry with her quartet mates…” Jazziz Magazine 


“A truly talented pianist and composer. Do yourself a favor and check out this album.”  Cultural Attaché


“Lisa Hilton and her quartet, featuring Rudy Royston (drums), Luques Curtis (bass) and Igmar Thomas (trumpet), enthusiastically embrace the moment with a vibrant new jazz vibe offering that will inspire, uplift and motivate many. Rich in contemporary harmonies, glorious spaces and unique compositions, the Hilton radiates listeners with a sun-bleached sound.” 

Windout Magazine/Italy

“Variety and quality to the fore as usual from Lisa Hilton.” World of Jazz Podcast

"As always, a good album by Lisa Hilton…always fine & clever songs.” Toppy Jazz/Netherlands

“Lush harmonic ideas and brimming with textures and emotions…” Broadway World

“Finger poppin’!” Jazz Weekly

A quite nice piano-quartet album.”  Music Meter/Netherlands

“Coincidental Moment adds another gem to Hilton’s robust catalog…” Making A Scene

 Lisa Hilton is a good pianist.” Spectrum Culture

“Excellent music.” ECMA Radio/Austria

“Nice traditional jazz sounds with good variety in the songs.” KBOO Radio/OR

“J” Sound Fusion Radio/UK

“Fabulous release.” Radio Cardiff/Wales

“Lisa Hilton never disappoints. Love the record. Tastefully done.” Whistle FM

“Very nice as always.” CHLY/Canada 

“A cool evocative soundtrack…”  Outsight Radio/MI

“Melodic grace to everything the band turns its hands to. Hilton’s way with a neat riff and catchy hook are well supported.” Marlbrook Album of the Week/UK

 “I found myself drawn to Igmar Thomas’ muted trumpet work, which seemed to reflect Davis’ take on “Blue in Green” without imitating it. I particularly enjoy Thomas’ rhetoric of understatement, which brings impeccable clarity to the improvisations he injects into the album’s tracks.”  The Rehearsal Studio

“A lovely album.” Radio Z/Germany

“Cool!”  Radio Muzkom/Russia

Anxiety Society: Tight, bright and bouncy. Love it!” KKUP/CA

“Nice…”  KPOV/OR

“Unadulterated elegance.” Ghost Canyon

“I particularly enjoy Igmar Thomas’ rhetoric of understatement, which brings impeccable clarity to the improvisations he injects into the album’s tracks.” The Rehearsal Studio

“Nice work again- we love Lisa Hilton.” Pacific Jazz

“Lisa Hilton & Company impress with a new LP … a welcome offering.” Phil’s Picks 

“WFWM loves Lisa Hilton!” WFWM Radio/MD

“This is also a record I will enjoy listening to just for pleasure.” WVKR/NY    

“Great jazz” CKSJ Radio/Canada

“Lisa Hilton is back with another strong outing!!” CJSR Radio/Canada

“I always enjoy airing recordings from Lisa Hilton-great tunes and excellent performances!” WUWF/FL

"The new recording project of the pianist and composer Lisa Hilton confirms the skills that the artist has always been able to express with her professionalism and her interpretative skills. The recording project is also enriched by the interesting and significant performances of her bandmates. A record that deserves careful listening.” Anima Jazz/Italy

“Magic” Totally Wired Radio/UK

“Sounds great!”  CKIA Radio/Canada

“Nice to hear a trumpet with the trio sound Lisa has perfected..” JazzRadioDC

“Just perfect for the syndicated Just Jazz show.” Just Jazz/New Zealand

“Great music!” Radio Rick/Netherlands

“Nice one, Lisa. Very enjoyable.” 2RRR FM/Australia

“Love Lisa's stuff!” Aiding & Abetting blog/MD

“A lovely release.”  Radio Lotte FM/Germany

“That's jazz as we like it!” Radio Arc en Ciel/France

"A new Lisa Hilton album is always a pleasure & Coincidental Moment is no exception. Fantastic writing, recording & production from a great band of musicians.” 


“I love Lisa Hilton!” KMUZ Radio/OR

“Great sound.” CFUZ Radio/Canada

“Good tracks.” Urban Jazz Radio/UK

“Lisa's music never fails to excite & uplift your musical soul” Radio Regent/Canada

“Good stuff from Lisa and her band.” WXTS/PA

“Fantastic winter warmer!” Wayout Radio/UK

“Great and natural performances…A real treat.” IMC Radio/MS

“Traditional jazz with piano, horns & drums. What else do you need? Good stuff !” 

Music Guroo

“I LOVE THIS ALBUM!” Acxit Radio/Canada

“Lisa Hilton just always grooves. Love it!” The Hills FM/UK

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