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Lisa Hilton/SOLO piano

Lisa’s soothing and sensual solo piano is a mainstay of radio around the world. “Seduction” is a collection of compositions that mix classical, pop, and light jazz styles.

Track List

  1. Evening Song / Lisa Hilton

  2. Seduction / Lisa Hilton

  3. Close to my Heart / Lisa Hilton

  4. 29 Palms / Lisa Hilton

  5. Missing You / Lisa Hilton

  6. Angry Again / Lisa Hilton

  7. The Way You Look Tonight / Fields and Kern

  8. Waterfall / Lisa Hilton

  9. Desire / Lisa Hilton

  10. Getaway / Lisa Hilton

  11. Leslie’s Song / Lisa Hilton

  12. Spanish Dance / Lisa Hilton

  13. Remember / Lisa Hilton



“Seduction is one of Lisa Hilton’s too rare solo piano albums (most of her recordings are jazz ensembles). Ensemble recordings are fine, and I enjoy a lot of them, but I love the intimacy of solo piano – especially from an artist with Lisa Hilton’s exceptional playing style.


The music ranges from smooth ballads to mellow jazz to full-blown blues, and twelve of the thirteen tracks are original. Evening Song opens the album on a quiet, peaceful note. Almost a lullaby, the gentle melody envelops the listener with warmth. I really love this piece!


Close To My Heart is a gentle ballad that has lyrics in the liner notes that are not sung on the recording, but you can always sing along!


29 Palms; is a dark, earthy piece with an interesting rhythm that slips a beat here and there, giving it an edge. I really like this one, too!


Angry Again returns to the blues style that Hilton does so well. Lyrics for this song are also in the liner notes for those who are so inclined. They also explain why the music goes from fiery to conciliatory and pleading.


Waterfall is a beautiful, sparkling piece that’s a bit more abstract than some of the other pieces. The infectious rhythm suggests the flow of water while the right hand displays the more random splashes. This is also a favorite!


Remember closes the album with a darkly introspective piece that is wistful, kind of sad, and very beautiful.”

Kathy Parsons/Mainly Piano

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