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Lisa Hilton/piano, Luques Curtis/bass, Rudy Royston/drums

More Than Another Day is the latest jazz release by composer/pianist/producer Lisa Kristine Hilton, this time showcasing a trio with Luques Curtis and Rudy Royston. Hilton, Curtis, Royston and bandmate JD Allen were halfway through their 2020 tour when the U.S. corona virus lockdown began. Fearful for a family member who was stuck and sick in Italy, and worried about the health and safety of the world, Hilton turned as always, to her creative side. “I grew up in a small quiet town where it seemed nothing ever happened. I always turned my abundant energy into creativity – this lockdown just reminded me of those early days. To me, quiet propels my creative side.”

More Than Another Day opens with the title track exploring layered jazz influences along with able support from Curtis and Royston, then the album quickly segues into the upbeat and propulsive Retro Road Trip.

Secret Beach, Karma Chaos, and Hilton’s arrangement of Cole Porter’s I’ve Got You Under My Skin have strong Latin influences with tremendous trio interplay: Royston’s detail work and shimmering cymbals complementing addictive bass lines from Curtis, and Hilton as well. Hilton’s bluesy side and hallmark fluid and swinging lines are amply exhibited on the soulful Blues & Beauty and No Sleep Until… The tracks Today I Looked At Love, Dear Life of Mine and So This Is Love emerge as sonic tapestries or paintings of jazz concepts, exploring a wide variety of harmonic as well as textural rhythmic ideas. Hilton’s influences seem to range from Antonio Carlos Jobim to Bill Evans, Count Basie and others, all woven together with an expressive and very creative band agilely using well-loved jazz references in delightful, surprisingly creative ways.

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Q: I’m sure it was disappointing to cancel shows from your tour last spring.  What was it like for you to instead be composing during a pandemic?

Lisa Hilton: Well, I was curious about that too – I’ve never/we’ve never, been through an experience like this, so I really wasn’t sure what I would, or could create during a world crises.  But in 2019 I had read the extensive biography on pianist/composer, Fryderyk Chopin by Alan Walker. Chopin continued to compose during the gruesome 1932 cholera outbreak in Paris, France, so knowing that inspired me to continue composing. I think this year has made me realize that creativity is how I process life experiences, so volatile times can be productive – I know that sounds weird – but turmoil can stimulate creativity for artists. When  you read the biographies of jazz musicians, it does seem that difficult experiences might have fostered creativity in others – names like Monk, Cannonball and Jaco come to mind.


Q: Interesting idea.  So the lock down didn’t affect your productivity other than touring?

A: I think being at the piano was a great way for the music to pour out actually.  Growing up, my family lived a relatively quiet and academic oriented life, so as a kid I used to fill long hours in a myriad of creative ways.  I think that quiet can be a plus for creativity for many artists.


Q: Did you have a theme or concept you were composing towards based on what was happening in the U. S. and around the world?

A: I understand that many musicians prefer to work from a concept or assignment approach, but for me, music surfaces from my subconscious, not from my conscious mind, as a response to what is happening collectively.  I let the music emerge: I don’t know what I will create and I don’t try and force a direction or try and control it.  Later, I can tell what the concept is though.


Q: Which is…

A: I think we should acknowledge this unique time, but also boldly walk towards our future, taking along our past experiences and history, but let’s also look for what is coming around the corner – what’s next after this day, this year? And whatever happens, don’t forget to notice the beauty or goodness in life and not just remember the harshness of this time.


Q: Was that the idea you were showing on the cover with the vintage luggage and the roses – bringing the past with you along with the “beautiful” roses?

A: Yes!


Q: Tell us more about composing from your subconscious mind please.

A: When I sit at the piano the music starts to take form – almost as if it’s inside of me just waiting for the opportunity to be heard. When I compose I do not know what key or time signature I am in, or even what note I am playing. I just allow the tune to evolve and then quickly try and translate it into music notation on the computer after I have a direction I like.  I don’t ever compose to say someone else’s book or poetry or a historical incident, or give myself assignments to write in certain keys, for example.  I just allow the music to emerge unobstructed, and then later on, of course I will analyze and work with it.  Initially though, I’m more of a passenger or observer letting the music unfold where it may.  Sometimes it’s a melody, or maybe a cool riff, other times it’s a well – formed tune.


Q: Does that happen quickly?  How long does it take to finish a song?

A: Initially it is pretty quick, but finishing can take months!  I’m always looking for so many things: balance, expression, communication and good compositional form.  But I also want music that’s fun to play, and that my bandmates and I can enjoy improvising on.  The bedrock of a jazz musician is exploration – we constantly want to explore what can be done with music harmonically, rhythmically, and with improvisation, while connecting with our shared world.


Q: Do you have a favorite tune on this album?

A: That’s a hard question!  The band liked Blues & Beauty a lot – I love Retro Road Trip best.



#1 AMAZON.COM NEW RELEASE/COOL JAZZ first week on sale


TOP TEN LIST DEC/2020: #3 More Than Another Day 


#5 Jazz Week Jazz Chart –multiple weeks


“Hilton is an inheritor/successor to the mantle of Erroll Garner: classy, intelligent and accessible without bowing to commercial-type compromise.” New York Jazz Record/Mark Keresman


“It’s a sophisticated, yet engagingly accessible sound that brings to mind the classic work of artists like Vince Guaraldi, Dave Brubeck and Ramsey Lewis….swinging acoustic jazz.” Matt Collar/All Music Guide


“In a few instances, the compositions written for More Than Another Day are absolutely breath-taking. Hilton has a way of injecting such warmth into her left hand that, no matter what sort of piece the pianist tackles, she leaves behind a sense of delicate intimacy not found in the repertoire of other artists.” Peter J. Hoetjes/All About Jazz

“Wonderful music…vibrant…spilling over with cheer, hope and serious jazz chops…each track percolates…unadulterated exhilaration..mesmerizing…intoxicating…” Jazz Medium/Carol Banks Weber


“Impressions of color and depth.” Jazz Weekly


“A smoking trio date, but what it really is, is a tour de force for her piano chops to really walk the walk. The kind of classic sound/feeling date that first got you into jazz piano trio sets, this might appear simple but that doesn’t stop it from being as tasty as it gets. Hot stuff.”  The MidwestRecord


“The trio is perfect…another solid collection of very memorable, interesting compositions… in the performance, there is a sense of optimism in every note here.”  Jazz Squared/Russia


“A year-end gift to aficionados everywhere.”  Mike Jurkovich/All About Jazz


“More Than Another Day is an exceptional offering that ranks at the top of Hilton’s repertoire.  It gives the listener the complete picture of her masterful talents as a pianist, composer and bandleader, in addition to offering nearly an hour of awesome entertainment.” Sounds of Timeless Jazz


“Yet another compelling effort. These are a fresh set of Hilton’s tunes that have an easily embraceable warmth. There’s a touch of blues and several beautiful ballads over ten selections.”  O’s Place Jazz Magazine


“Hilton has a clear vision of how she wants to sound as she beautifully plays the Steinway…her piano sound is lush, delicate and highly melodic…. A rich balance of emotions and harmonic colors as well.”  Glide Magazine/Jim Hynes


“Hilton’s elegant piano and the profound dynamism-filled rhythm create beautiful melodic piano trio works”. Vento Azul /Japan


“This quite compelling new album – one that showcases the creative range of Hilton and her trio…an album that not only uplifts the soul and spirit within the listener, but ensures they are also given a breath of fresh air in which to continue….”  Exclusive Magazine


“A refined and organic pianist….lyrically and harmoniously engaging.” Windout Magazine/Italy 

“This quite compelling new album…an album that only uplifts the soul and spirit within the listener.” Exclusive Magazine


“I’m always glad to listen to Lisa Hilton!” Aiding & Abetting blog



“Delightful music with some twists. Where has Lisa been hiding! Now that I have found her, I want to hear more.” CKHA/Canada


“I always enjoy Lisa Hilton’s  trio albums, and More Than Another Day is one of the best. I’m honored to share her music with my audience”.  Mike Chimeri, host of Instrumental Invasion, WCWP-FM

“Good stuff!” WXPN/BluesNet Radio/PA

“Lisa Hilton’s original compositions continue to get better and better. Her trio with Rudy Royston & Luques Curtis deliver a wonderful and listenable journey of music.” Kayonne Riley-WUCF/FL 


“Amazing!” The Network Radio/Italy


“More Than Another Day’ fits right in with the sound of our station. I really like what’s she’s done on this project” Jaelon Jackson-KNTU/TX

“Excellent!” RadioVideo/Ireland

“Easy going music. Perfect fit for drivetime airplay.” Jonathan Turner-WXTS/OH


“Attention grabbing!” KVNF Radio


“Love the playful, whimsical spirit…” Outsight Radio/NC


“From upbeat, tight, pulsing to ethereal, evocative, gymnopedie like: always pleasing.”CILU/Canada


“It’s always a pleasure to listen to Lisa Hilton’s piano! And thank you to Luques Curtis & Rudy Royston.” Radio Arc-en-Ciel 103.4 FM /France 


“I always look forward to a Lisa Hilton release.” CIWS/Canada


“Lovely!” Villa Bota Radio/Belgium


“Real nice set of tracks.” CJSW/CANADA


“Another excellent album from the great jazz lady of the piano. I like it!!!!!” FM Urquiza /Argentina


“Great piano playing especially with the trio.” CKSJ Coast 101.1FM/NL 




“Good album!” Urban Jazz Radio


“A Lisa Hilton album is always a treat & especially welcomed during these dark days.”SINE FM/UK


“Gentle, swinging & with a hint of whimsy. Another fine recording.” Just Jazz/New Zealand


“Beautiful!”  Good Ratio Music / Germany


“As always, a great, rich sound.” WMWM/ MA


“So super!!!!”  Free FM / Greece


“Lisa Hilton never disappoints, and on the contrary, manages to surprise…, combining freshness & vivacity with poetry… rich in a preciousness that confirms the value of the pianist.”Animajazz/Italy


“Another great work by Lisa. Unusual & inspiring mix of songs played by a tight, wonderful trio.” 2MBS NSW, Australia


“Great vibes on this one.” K107 FM/UK  


“REAL GOOD!” Radio MUZKOM/Russia

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