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Image by Parvez AzarQaderi
“Lisa Hilton has been compared to some of the best pianists in history.” The New Face of Jazz

“One of the finest composers working in jazz today.” Jazz Notes

“Pure passion in motion.” Jazz Quarterly

“Expressive.” KZSU Radio Stanford University

“Pianistic fireworks.” Hothouse Jazz Guide

“Keyboard lust.” MGZC Radio

“Shimmering and spacious.” Jazz Times

“Ms. Hilton continues to unclog the arteries in jazz.” Jazz Review


Lisa Kristine Hilton is a composer, and an acclaimed jazz pianist as well as an experienced producer and bandleader.  Growing up in a small town on California’s central coast, Hilton originally taught herself to play music with a colored keyboard guide, writing her first simple songs around six, before beginning studies in classical and twenty first century music starting at the age of eight.  In college she switched majors from music and graduated instead with a degree in art. Hilton’s art background informs her compositions: she describes “painting” compositions using improvisation, and “sculpting” with rhythmic ideas from different cultures and eras. Hilton’s music draws on classical traditions, and twentieth century modernists as well as classic American jazz greats such as Duke Ellington, Thelonious Monk, Horace Silver and Count Basie, as well as blues heroes Muddy Waters and Robert Johnson. A prolific and passionate composer, Hilton has recorded over two hundred tracks with many of today’s jazz luminaries, and her twenty six albums are regularly at the top of charts like JazzWeek every year. In the book, “The New Face of Jazz: An Intimate Look at Today’s Living Legends and Artists of Tomorrow” by Cicily Janus, it states that Hilton has been “compared to some of the best pianists in history.” Her piano style is often mentioned along with jazz pianist/composers Bill Evans, Dave Brubeck, and Brad Mehldau. 


Lisa Kristine Hilton is also the creator and co-author of the popular children’s book, If Dinosaurs Were Alive Today (Price Stern Sloan), as well as the updated digital version by the same name. 



  • Lisa Hilton Trio
  • Lisa Hilton Quintet
  • Solo Piano
  • “Piano Ecstasy” or “Handful of Keys” – programs featuring 3 solo pianists

“Piano Ecstasy” or “Handful of Keys” – programs featuring 3 solo pianists

Lisa Hilton Music provides top quality programs and performers, and works to bring awareness to your venue and event through social networks, direct mail, advertising and other marketing practices.  Hilton is available for workshops/lectures/artist in residence programs speaking primarily on composing, producing, or musicianship.  

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